Corporate Social Responsibility


First Stop’s Social Responsibility is characterized into strategic and fundamental activities which should be observed and implemented within its organization, operations, and management.

We adhere to the promotion of Safety, Environment, and Harmony with Society to increase and improve customer satisfaction. In unison with this thrust is our fundamental responsibility which is to comply with local laws and regulations.

  1. Customer Safety

Aligned to Bridgestone’s commitment to Tyre Safety, First Stop delivers care and safety to customers through its products, services and overall operations, such as the following:

  • Tyre Check Service.A free and consistent practice which inspects the air pressure, tread depth, external damage and wearing of the customer’s vehicle’s tyres for accurate recommendations.
  • Tyre Safety Information.Awareness and education about Tyre Safety is provided via store info displays and through the staff.
  • Tyre Safety Passport.Ensuring our commitment to customer’s safety extends further from his/her tyre purchase. Monitoring and recording the customer’s future necessary tyre services to help ensure their safety on the road.
  • Customer’s Pit Safety system.This helps to promote safety of customers even at the pit area for customers who do not wish to stay at the ‘Live View Lounge’ (customer can directly see their vehicle being serviced via see-through glass panels). As per this standard, we should provide safety helmets and take adequate precautions for safety around the pit.
  • Security of Customer Information.Customer data is treated with confidentiality and care for the store’s cautious usage to increase customer satisfaction (i.e. CRM).
  • Fire Exits & Fire Extinguishers.Proper fire exits and sufficient fire extinguishers are established around the store for customers’ security.


  1. Staff Safety

First Stop starts and ensures continued safety for its team and staff through machineries/equipment, staff development and trainings, and the implementation of its standards of operations:

Protection Gears. It is considered of paramount importance that all pit staff are properly geared for safety prior any pit work, making sure that they are using the provided working gloves, safety glasses, protection belts, safety boots, and helmet where necessary.

Modern equipment and machineries. First Stop only use trusted, modern equipment & machineries that complements the efficiency of work and ensures ease and safety for our staff (i.e. tyre changer with 2 support arms).

Safety Cage. This equipment is primarily for the safety of the staff and customers present at the pit. The cage is a prevention tool for accidents in case of bursts when filling air into the tyre.

Aptitude & Technical Trainings. Another path for safety of the staff around the store is through aptitude and technical trainings. This helps ensure that the staff are updated of the proper procedures towards their own safety and security while at work.

Fire Exits & Fire Extinguishers. Proper fire exits and sufficient fire extinguishers are established around the store for customers and the staff’s security.




Started in 1994, First Stop is a fast growing pan-European network global retail brand of almost 2,000 tyre and car service centres in 25 countries, selling over 10 million tyres a year.

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